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Thor's is Always Open for New Residents!  

Where happy horses go to retire!

             OUR MISSION

To provide permanent sanctuary to senior equines who are unable to be placed into homes through the equine community due to old age, or physical ailments.  We also take in horses from private owners who are no longer financially able to keep their older horse due to boarding constraints, or need to retire their mount in order to bring in a new horse.


We insure a humane environment in which the senior equines no longer face the fear of cruelty, neglect or displacement for the remainder of their lives while receiving the highest possible standard of care in a natural setting.


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Ellen Graney,  Resident Caretaker/Fierce Guardian


  • Lifelong horse lover

  • Experienced equestrian

  • Pursuing her passion to save as many senior horses from slaughter as she can

  • Inspired by Thor and his determination to live

         EVENTS 2019
Mistletoe Market at Wakefield High School - November 9
Jingle Jangle Bazaar (Stem NC) - Date TBA
Cocoa's Trivia Corner
Horses are often seen in photos "laughing" or "smiling", but this movement is actually to help them smell better.
Horses are allowed to live out their lives with respect and love. Grain, Hay, Supplements, Annual Wellness Checks; Spring/Fall Vaccines; Barefoot Trimming every 6 weeks and a Final Resting Place are all included.
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