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Contact Info:

PO Box 1341, Shelby NC 28151

Phone: 704-484-2165


Stolen Horse International, Inc. (SHI)/ is happy to offer the NetPosse ID Registry, a worldwide database for horse and all other animal owners around the globe!


Formerly titled NetPosse Identification Program (NIP), NetPosse ID Registry is a service provided by Stolen Horse International, Inc./, the first and only nonprofit organization dedicated to protection of all equines, providing the owners with detailed history and ID protection.


All NetPosse ID gives your horse a chance to be found. It gives owners peace of mind that they have offered protection to help their horse come home.


The new NetPosse ID is now available for Dogs, Cats and other domestic and farm animals. One system now caters to your needs and provides advanced record keeping, date management and cost management for your beloved animals or working stock.


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