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  • Thor's Safe Haven started as a conversation between Ellen and Thor 


  • Mission began to find the right farm.


  • Found the perfect farm...needs a lot of work but the location and price is perfect


  • Four hours after we closed, my partner and inspiration, Thor, passed away due to cancer complications.

  • We currently have 2 residents (Dancer, and Coco)

  • We purchased a small tractor to tackle the fields.

  • Our fencing was electric tape because it was easily moved so I could continue to increase pastures

  • Had the best tan of my life this summer and the pastures were turning green with life!

  • We welcomed our new resident, Apache, in May.

  • Our "barn" was a ShelterLogic field shelter-most amazing shelter ever, it has withstood hurricane force winds, ice and snow storms and curious horses

  • We were able to purchase (thanks to our supportive donors) a Super Poop Scooper from Red Barn - saves us hours of work cleaning fields.


  • Thanks to our generous donors, we had a real barn built with 4 stalls


  • We upgraded our electric tape fencing with wood fencing - and we now have almost 60 percent of our farm enclosed with 4 board fence!


  • We began and completed work on a new shelter in the field in anticipation of new residents.

  • We rescued our first horse from a Asheboro Feedlot (Kill Pen) in Asheboro NC.  He is a small quarter horse, well trained, quiet and respectful manner and right now he's called Mr. Toffee.  The Mr. Toffee name just didn't fit him...he is now known as Stormy


  • Stormy is Adopted! (January)

  • We welcomed Sydney to the Herd in September.

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