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Stormy and Myrtle the Chicken

Stormy in his forever home with a new friend, Myrtle the Chicken. Stormy was formerly known as Toffee

Stormy and his new family

Stormy and his new Family 2019

Stormy and his girl

It was easier to sit on Stormy to reach those tall spots! We can't get over how relaxed and happy he is!


Fence checking with Mom May 2019

Stormy trail riding

Stormy loves trail rides and walks in the Woods almost as much as he loves his girls!


Hours after being rescued from Kill Pen, Mr. Toffee breathing a sign of relief.

Toffee Kill Pen Pose

Please save me photo! Toffee was saved from slaughter and renamed Stormy and found his forever home (1/2019)


Meet Snoopy! Snoopy found his way to our farm and hearts in Summer 2017. He is a Foxhound and has become our official Horse Protector!

2018 Winter

First snow on the new fence

Real stall doors

Winter stall window covers up and in the nick of time!

Dancer 6

Dancer with her new Fly Mask 2019

Apache playing Hide and Seek

Apache playing Hide and Seek

The Barn is Up

The Barn is Up and passes Apache inspection

NCADTRUCK for Thor's

#ncadtruck has helped us raise donations with their mobile digital display truck

10-16 Horses

Enjoying the warm days

RIP Baby Bear 2016

RIP Baby Bear 2016

Field 2

The horses love this field


Thor's BFF

Horsies by BRAS For Horses

Thor and his BFF, Ghost, have been immortalized as stuffed Horsies by BRAS For Horses.

Thor aka _The Ambassador_ - January 2013

Greeting Visitors to our first farm at Creekside Farm in WF

Dancer, Ayesha and Apache

Deciding if its time to go out for some nice grass



Ghost and Thor trying to keep me home for the day

Nero exhausted from mouse hunting

Nero exhausted from protecting us from mice!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.34.03 PM

From years ago, Ellen's first horse - Ringo.

This is a family project! Thanks to Jim and Maria Graney for helping us in many ways!!


Another beautiful day ends at Thor's Safe Haven

Thor was a rescue Belgian/Mustang cross who captured the hearts of everyone he met.


Thor's Safe Haven is an equine retirement farm located in Oxford, North Carolina, but it's more than that! It is a celebration of the life lessons that Thor passed along in his own way.


Thor inspired a promise: We'll never stop helping horses, especially ones that aren't perfect. Thor had cancer, allergies, autoimmune disease, and COPD. Rescue horses have a lot of physical, mental, and emotional baggage, but when you add illness and injury it can be overwhelming. Many potential adopters walk away from this combination. These horses have feelings and personalities just like Thor did. We will never stop fighting for them.


Unfortunately, Thor decided we were ready to go on without him. Carrying his spirit in our hearts, we strive to pass his zest and determination on to others.

We are a 501(c) 3 organization and a North Carolina non-profit corporation.  


Help us Help Horses.

Your Donation Helps Make the Difference in a Horse's Life

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