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We are always appreciative of our volunteers - we are looking for volunteers to help with tree clearing, cleaning up natural wooded areas; barn and run-in shelter building and maintenance and of course, giving our residents "spa treatments"!  The Horses love being pampered and loved. Here at Thor's we believe in endless amounts of love and kindness.

Senior horses often come in happy and then experience some depression when they realize that their person is gone.   We understand this and work with them to teach them that they are safe, loved and that food will always be available. We encourage owners to visit after the first month of settling in.  We will provide updates - daily, weekly or monthly depending on the owners preference.

2019 Volunteer Need  


Volunteers to help prune up trees in the woods and pick up debris;  clean out old tobacco barns and make some repairs in order for us to keep feed and hay dry and safe and help us organize the old tobacco plantation equipment for a fundraising sale for Spring 2020!  Volunteers needed for horse pampering!  Our horses love being handled and groomed - can never be groomed enough!  Volunteers to help us at our fundraising/educational booths; Volunteers who can crochet or knit small stuffed animals for us to sell at our booths; or paint; or just help us create items to raise awareness for Senior Horses. There are too many different ways to help make a difference - so...


If you are interested in volunteering, contact Ellen at or text her at 919-624-8322


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer at Thor's Safe Haven today!
Volunteers must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a parent.​


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